What is the Social Host Ordinance?

  • Specifically crafted ordinance that would hold adults legally responsible if they provide a location or space for underage drinking, marijuana use, or other illegal substances.
  • Legal responsibility brings a criminal infraction and/or civil/administrative penalty depending on how each city council crafts the ordinance.

What is the purpose of Social Host Ordinance?

  • Designed to dissuade adults from knowingly providing an opportunity for underage individuals to consume alcohol and engage in drug use.
  • Social Host Ordinance does not include the parent/guardian legal right to allow their OWN child to consume alcohol on their OWN property.
  • Designed to reduce young adults’ tendency to provide locations to drink, for drug use, and providing alcohol for underage friends and their acquaintances.

Why is Social Host Ordinance needed?

• Iowa ranks higher for underage drinking compared to other States.
• Out of 99 counties Benton ranks 16th for youth alcohol use in the past 30 days.
• Benton County youth report it is easier to get access to alcohol than tobacco or other illegal substances.
• Benton youth report that family members and older friends are the highest source of alcohol.

To read the complete Prevention Strategy for Underage Drinking and Drug Use in Benton County, click here.