The Executive Committee
Meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 12:30 PM.

The Executive Committee consist of Coalition members elected to serve in specific positions. They are responsible for streamlining the decision making of the Coalition and general oversight, as well as promoting and supporting the establishment and implementation of community policies, ordinances, and laws that prevent substance abuse and promote a healthy Benton County.

Greg Walston-President
Kate West-Vice President
Heidi Schminke-Treasurer
Becky Dighton-Secretary

Responsible for communicating the message of the Coalition to the community. Activities focus on developing media campaigns, recruitment of new members and engaging them into the Coalition.

Responsible for engaging the community through involvement in a variety of community events. Activites focus on developing a calendar of events, plan for and attend identified events.


Responsible for overseeing the implementation of all strategies developed in the Coalition action plan. Activities focus on strategic planning, policy changes, mobilizing Coalition volunteers and action steps.